Click the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner of your Safari window -or- go to the “Safari” menu at the top of the screen.

On the menu that appears, click Preferences.  When the Preferences window opens, click the Privacy Icon at the top of the box.

Next to the category “Block Cookies”, make sure that the dot is sitting next to the option for “From third parties and advertisers” -or- “Never”.

Then click the button at the top that says, “Remove All Website Data”.  It will then ask you, “Are you sure…?”  Click Remove Now.

Once it is done, click the Security icon at the top of the Preferences Box and make sure all the check boxes are checked.

Then close the Preferences Box and then close Safari.  Re-open Safari and give it another try.

If you are still having trouble with Safari, you may want to Reset the browser. Click here for instructions on how to reset Safari.