This is a brief over-view of how to get to the Syllabus Editor, find your classes, and create/submit a syllabus.  For more detailed information, please see the attached Syllabus Manual.

To submit a syllabus, once logged into MyPark, click the Faculty Tab the upper-right area.  

Once in the Faculty Section, click on "Syllabus" in the Menu on the left.  

On the Syllabus section, scroll down to the bottom and click the Faculty Tab. This will take you to where you can submit your syllabus.

From here you can select different Academic Years and Semesters for each using the check boxes...

...then click the Refresh Class List button to show your choices.

You can either edit a pre-configured syllabus for your class or delete it and then create a new syllabus. PLEASE NOTE that a default syllabus is always created, so if the "Create a Syllabus" button is grayed out, you MUST delete the current one in order to be able to create a whole new syllabus.  The system only stores ONE syllabus at a time. 

When creating a new syllabus, you have two choices: 

1. Create a new syllabus using a Blank Template

2. Create a new syllabus using a Prefilled Template

Prefilled Templates:

Select which AutoApproved Template you'd like to use.

When you are done filling in the available areas of the AutoApproved Template, make sure you click the Submit AutoTemplate button at the button to submit your syllabus.

Blank Template:

If you selected Black Template, you will be directed to the Syllabus Editor.  

Beginning with the first button on the menu on the left (Intro), it walks you through each section of creating your syllabus allowing you to save your work along the way with a Save/Proceed button as shown below:

At the end of the syllabus creation you are presented with the Syllabus Preview option and the Submission of your Syllabus for approval.  YOU MUST SCROLL TO THE END OF THE PAGE TO SUBMIT YOUR SYLLABUS.  

Submit your syllabus for approval by clicking the Submit Syllabus button.

Once you have Successfully submitted your Syllabus, you will be emailed a confirmation notification when your Syllabus is approved/disapproved.

For more detailed information, please see the attached Syllabus Manual.

If you have trouble and/or need assistance, please submit a ticket and a Technician will be happy to assist you.