Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, the lab applications are being hosted in a Citrix environment rather than being installed on each computer in all of the labs.

Before you can access this environment, your device will need to have the Citrix Receiver installed.  Please visit from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to download the appropriate version for your computer.  Citrix Receiver is also available from the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store for your mobile devices.  You can also visit this link to find help with installing Citrix Receiver on your PC, or your mobile device.

Once installed, visit our site at (from a web browser on your computer, or directly from the app on a mobile device).  

Enter your ID number as your username (please note:  if you are FT Faculty, or Staff, you will enter your username instead) and enter your password, then click the option to accept the terms and conditions, and click Log On.

Some of the more simple, common applications are available on the main screen.  Click on the Desktops option at the top of the screen to launch a published desktop that has all of the available applications on it.

Click on the STUDENT LAB option:

This will take you to a virtual published desktop with all of the applications we have available for lab/classroom use.  Just like any Windows environment, double-click the application you wish to run to start it:

For more information about opening and saving files on the device you're using while in the Citrix environment, please visit this link.